Friday, February 26, 2010

Global warming

This is my first post in 2010. No excuse. Have the time - still unemployed - but I just felt that I didn't have anything interesting to say. Which is kinda sad because each day does usually bring something interesting, even for someone who, on some days, doesn't talk to anyone until noon - unless talking back to Kathie Lee and Hoda counts! Writing a blog takes discipline and the ability to realize that every day something happens to you - good or bad, memorable, sometimes not so memorable. My goal is to try to write everyday - so be warned!

So, global warming? I really wish that when scientists - and Al Gore - began to make us aware of climate change they called it "climate change" - not global warming. Why? Because certain conservative groups and skeptics have seized on the recent snowstorms in the southeast and southwest to claim the earth couldn't possibly be heating up because of all the storms. Check out this link - they begin to explain it much better then me. 
We just had another storm here in New Jersey - we are into day two - and they are already predicting another storm next Wednesday! As my favorite local weatherman says "There are three types of snowstorms - sweepable, shoveable and biblical" - an amusing thought to guide us through the remaining winter season.