Monday, March 15, 2010

I did it!!

You know when you get an idea and think "this will be the greatest - and most lucrative - invention since liquid paper!" Well I had such a thought last spring I was sitting in my back yard and sipping a nice, chilled chardonnay when all these flies kept landing in my drink. I kept scooping them out of my glass with my nail but that was getting a bit icky. I could always have drank quicker - not a problem - but then I realized why don't I invent a glass that would shield the bugs from getting in?

After exhausting research and much testing of the rudimentary prototype on friends and family - I have finally submitted my design to a wonderful, inventive website called If my invention gets chosen by the members of the "quirky community" then it is put out on the site for people to vote, suggest changes and - of course- slam it down if they feel it isn't worth an investment.

I did look into bringing it to the market by myself - but I don't have the capital or the connections to realistically get it out there.

Curious to see it? Do you have the next great idea waiting to come to the market? Check out the site - it's fun and maybe you will have the next Sham-wow!

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