Thursday, March 11, 2010

My wierd connections to local weather reporters...

I have been selling items on to make a little extra cash while I have been unemployed. Last summer, I listed a brand new hammock that we received as a gift and weren't going to use. All weekend long I was emailing back and forth with someone named "Storm". I remember thinking it was an unusual name but was just happy to have found a buyer.  We agreed on a price and he arrived on Sunday afternoon to pick it up. At the same moment that "Storm" arrived and walked into my garage, my neighbors arrived, bearing six-packs of beer, for our weekly bocce game. I looked at Storm and realized, Oh my God! It's Storm Field, a local weatherman from Channel 2. He smiled and shook my hand and said - "Hi Marian, I'm Storm".

My neighbors placed the beer in our trusty avocado fridge - circa 1960 - coldest beer and wine in town - and went to set up the game, not realizing we had a celebrity in our midst. He turned out to be a really nice guy - and I knew he realized I knew who he was but that wasn't important. As he loaded the hammock into his pick-up, we spoke about more mundane things - kids, etc - and he volunteered that he grew up with a bocce court in his neighbor's yard. I invited him to stay for the game, but he passed and drove off with a special surprise for his wife.

Last night I was watching the As usual, Janice Huff was reporting on the weather. She is always well dressed but last night she had on a particularly pretty necklace. She seems like a member of the family because I watch her every night, so I decided to email her and ask her where she bought the necklace. My husband and kids thought I was crazy and my husband even muttered "you really do have too much time on your hands, time to get a job!". I composed a short email and sent it off. To my surprise, 10 minutes later!,  she sent me an email, told me where she bought it - and thanked me for my interest. I did check the site - alas - it is no longer available - but sent her another email thanking her for her quick response.

Channel 2 - check. Channel 4 - check. Channel 7 - Bill Evans - watch out!

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